2016 Grant Recipients


American Association
of Philosophy Teachers

2016 Recipients for Innovations in Teaching


The American Association of Philosophy Teachers is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 AAPT Grant for Innovations in Teaching.

Our primary goal in funding these projects is to support the innovation of teaching in philosophy, to further quality philosophical instruction and reflective teaching, and to advance research in teaching and learning. Our investigators will publicly share the findings of their projects upon completion so that they may be of use to the broad teaching community. We are excited to partner with the following investigators:

  • “A Game-Based Tool for Introducing Philosophy of Science Suitable for All Ages.”

Jessey Wright, Rotman Institute of Philosophy, Western University.

  • “From Photovoice to Photo-Philosophy.”

Sheryl Tuttle Ross, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, and Anna Bergqvist, Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • “Philosophy for Children (P4C) Program.”

Senem Saner, California State University, Bakersfield.

  • “Philosophy in Schools: Cultivating Intellectual Humility.”

Daniel O’Brien (PI), Oxford Brookes University; Mark Cain, Oxford Brookes University; Helen De Cruz, Oxford Brookes University.

Congratulations to all recipients.


More information about the AAPT Grants for Innovation in Teaching is available at https://philosophyteachers.org/aapt-grants-for-innovation-in-teaching/.





25. October 2016 by AAPT
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